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At Cascade MVS we are experts in field balancing. Not only fans - we balance motors, couplings, shafts. Any machine that rotates can be a source of unwanted vibration due to imbalance.
Let's cross a few things off your list! Call us at 281-482-2727 - let's talk about what troubles you most. We have innovative solutions!

Our Services Include:

Fan Balancing in Situ

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Call us for your in situ balancing needs. Fans, motors, gas turbines, steam turbines - we do them all. Scheduled outages or emergency calls, we have the equipment and expertise to keep that machine running smooth.
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i-Alert 2 Smart Bluetooth Sensor

picture of i-Alert
Make any machine a Smart Machine! Talks to your smart phone/Bluetooth Device. Minimum investment- $350! Grow your smart fleet one machine at a time. The optional Bluetooth gateway brings realtime data to your screen whereever you are.

STI Condition Monitoring

STI Equipment
Founded in 1989, STI Vibration Monitoring is a world leader in the manufacturing and supply of vibration monitoring systems and accessories for predictive maintenance. STI specializes in low cost alternatives to large "rack based" equipment by introducing single channel transmitters and monitors for vibration, position and temperature, allowing standard balance-of-plant equipment an affordable and reliable monitoring alternative.

Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Alignment
Laser shaft alignment: Get it straight. Whatever the the machine - from a simple pump/motor to complex cardan shafts and multiple- machine trains, we've got it covered. State-of-the-art equipment, experienced staff, rapid response. To Schedule Now, Call: 281-482-2727

Motion Amplification

motion gif of vibration
Check out the latest diagnostic technology. Fast results.
You don't have time for expensive studies and complex modeling. Pinpoint the problem instantly. Each pixel becomes a vibration sensor and any motion is amplified to visible movement.

Advanced Diagnostics and Engineering Services

Advanced Diagnostics
Advanced Troubleshooting: We have the expertise and equipment to solve the toughest problems. Rotordynamics, piping vibration, turbomachinery diagnostics, alignment and balancing of complex and critical equipment. We have more than 32 years of experience and we are ready to support your needs!

Calibration and Repair

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